Thursday, August 18, 2005

Please take a seat, we'll be with you shortly...

Now here's what I'm thinking.

There are things that need to be said, and said freely and without euphemism or restraint. But saying them on
Glamorouse means we may never get another male visitor, and that if we do they will either be a) freaky psycho Norwegian guy or b) someone near and dear who may never look at us the same way ever again. And while I'm ok with that in some ways, I've always been partial to the openness that comes with a 100% female environment.

I'm thinking we need this, the Obgynorama Office: a place with decent magazines in the waiting room, with air conditioning freely heated up as clothing is removed, with big comfy stirrups and a pre-warmed speculum.

SO I thought that when things were heating up, like thrush in summer, or getting all sticky like a mucus plug, we could link over here. And maybe find some other folk who need the candidness of candida, too.

What do you reckon? Can we sustain two blogs?