Thursday, April 06, 2006

For the sake of our gorgeous new design

Let's make girl troubles glamorouse, shall we?

For instance, instead of talking about icky old Adenomyosis, lets replace it with this funny (funny funny) Wardrobe Malfunction.

And let's not think about how many of these risk factors I chose, deliberately and yet unaware of this particular consequence.

Which is, in any case, not the end of the world. Nor likely to make me scurry for some foul survivor group - ee-yew!



Blogger Kim said...

I offer this direct quote:
"The uterus can feel soft and boggy on pelvic exam."
What a goal.

5:49 am  
Blogger Cari said...

My husband is an OBGYN and with 3 kids, I think I've had everything you've described on here, minus the lump. Enjoying this site.

2:10 pm  
Blogger Suse said...

So I come over here to check out THIS new template and you look as though you're not talking to each other. But your boobs are the correct size again.

11:59 pm  

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